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The Best Pompeii Restaurant

The Best Pompeii Restaurant

Are you looking for the best Pompeii restaurant? You are in the right place! Our cuisine is mainly based on antiquity and on the continuous search for distant flavours, bringing to light ingredients that are often not used in our traditional cuisine, so we have created special menus. We also have a traditional cuisine expertly elaborated with shades of Mediterranean and traditional dishes, all enclosed in a single frame, the customer will be catapulted into a distant and magical era.

Why is Caupona considered the best Pompeii restaurant? The restaurant not only offers the opportunity to savour amazing dishes prepared with high quality ingredients, but it offers a real experience, where the customer is welcomed into the magical atmosphere of Ancient Rome. Furthermore, the customer can choose between contemporary recipes and delicious recipes from ancient Pompeii (such as: Focaccia with fennel, honey and curry; Anchovies stuffed with mint, lemon, Roman cheese, pepper and Apicius escarole sautéed with walnuts, sultanas, black olives and capers; Spiced barley soup with broad beans, leek, fenugreek, seared tuna with thyme and Pompeian panis with garum)

What are you waiting for? Let yourself be seduced by the flavours and magical atmosphere of Ancient Rome in the best Pompeii restaurant!  Call us at 08118557911 for more information or to make a reservation!